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Our Diapers Cake

Diapers cake are the Hottest "Baby Gift" for new and expectant parents.

The perfect gifts for baby showers, newborns and first month celebrations!


The birth of a baby is one of life's most precious and cherished moments,

a unique and perfect gift makes the celebration memorable and fun!


Choose a beautifully and uniquely created cake to celebrate the new birth, new joy and new journey!

* Photos featured are for references only.

- All our cakes are design and custom 'bake' by our team specially for you.

- We will keep the design and shape of your chosen cake, but colour and design of BIB, booties, rompers, plush toy and etc are subject to change.

Need a special themed cake? Any special request,  or
have a budget?

WhatsApp us and we will try our best to 'bake' the perfect cake to suit your themes or budget

Our Baking Ingredients


Our "cakes" are uniquely "baked" with practical and quality "ingredients"!


Our cake base/tiers are baked with reputable, soft, ultra absorbent MERRIES diapers, and we use quality authentic and cotton materials that are suitable for babies.

More Add-on


You can make the cake special by 'decorating' with more adds on,

e.g. a comfortable swaddle, a hooded towel or even a soft baby pillow.


let us know your theme and we will customise the cake for you.

diaper cake swaddle
diaper cake hooded towel
baby pillow for diaper cake
We Bake Fresh!!

Our special mesh packaging for the cakes keep the diapers free from dust, and also serve as a storage bag for the diapers.

shop for baby diaper cake
diaper cake packaging



Please allow 1-2 days of 'baking' time, we make all our cakes 'fresh' after you place the order.

  • We can help you deliver directly to recipient's house or to a specific venue at a specific stated time.

    • e.g. to a baby shower celebration in a condo's function room at a specific time, Or 

    • to a newborn in a hospital ward.

    • let us know, and we will do our best to accomodate to any special requests.

  • For urgent request, please Whatapps us at 96387075.

Why Baby Diapers Cake?


Diapers cake are becoming a regular presence and one of the most popular gifts at all baby showers and celebrations.  The reason why diapers cake have caught on so much is that it's PRACTICAL!!


Fresh flowers are pretty but they only last a while and then they end up in th trash.

A gift basket is practical too but so..... ordinary.


Diapers cake are perfectly practical and adorably unique!They are one of the few baby shower gifts that you can be assured that the mom-to-be will actually use them.  

Even celebrities love diapers cake! (Seen here - Jessica Alba)

Jessica Alba with diaper cake


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