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Ordering Process
1. Select your cake tiers (1, 2 or 3-Tiers) or designs.  (click on the cake for more photos & designs)
2. Upon confirmation of orders, we will contact you (via WhatsApp/Email) to discuss and finalise details of the cake. Please leave your contact number so we can update you via WhatsApp of the ststau.
     *(Please do not include recipient's email address in the order form)
3. Photos of the cake will be send to you for any changes (via WhatsApp/Email) after 'baking' and and wrapping.   

* Photos featured here are for references only.

- All our cakes are design and custom 'bake' by specially for you.  

- We will contact you before 'baking' to confirm on your preferred design and theme.

- Colour and design of BIB, booties, rompers, plush toy and etc are subject to change.

New Arrival!

Perfect your diaper cake with our new arrivals and add ons!

Mamas&Papas Bedtime Bunny and Bear!

Super soft fabric/ long arms and legs make it easy for the little ones to play with/

perfect size to hold and carry everywhere/ Ideal for smoothing baby.

A perfect companion for the little ones, watch them grow up together!

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